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The Futuro Health pilot program to enroll 1,000 students for a free course in English Readiness for Allied Health has ended as of December 31, 2020.

The English Readiness for Allied Health course is no longer available for free on this site.

Please visit if you are interested in more information about allied health courses and programs. Charges may apply.

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Our Education Partner: Voxy EnGen

for Allied Health

English Readiness

Our partner, Voxy En Gen, offers language training matched with careers. Take English Readiness for Allied Health to reach for opportunities in allied health. Healthcare is a growing field as California grows and ages.


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How to Install Voxy

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Have you ever dreamed of working in the healthcare field? Do you have a desire for a career with better pay, benefits, that’s secure and stable? Or, maybe you just want to care for the people you love or serve your community?

Futuro Health is offering a limited time offer at no cost to the student, specifically the first 1,000 qualified applicants who participate in this pilot program. The training and education membership fee is being absorbed by a union of frontline hospital workers in order to create this opportunity for new students who are interested in healthcare careers.

Allied health jobs available in California through 2024

Opportunities to improve your English Readiness for Allied Health



What Our Students Say

“All my family works in healthcare. I was the only one who was separate in this path. I decided to take the same path my family is on.”

Viviana R.

Futuro Health Student

“I want a better future for my kids. I want to show them that I can follow what I really want to do.”

Juliana Y.



Why Get Into Healthcare?

Care for Others

These careers are all in service of helping others.

High Demand Jobs

California’s population is growing and getting older. The need for healthcare will only increase.

Serve your Community

Patient care is best when healthcare workers share culture and language.

Secure and Stable

Robots cannot do these important jobs.

Better Pay and Benefits

Many healthcare employers offer good pay and healthcare benefits.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

You can work for yourself. Or, you can look for jobs at hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes, and more places.


Why Learn with Futuro Health?

We make learning easy for you.

Voxy is Easy to Use

Take courses during your free time.


No Cost to You!

Improve your English to be ready for growing opportunities in healthcare.


Use a Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

Stay connected and learn no matter where you are.


Frequently Asked

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

You need to be at least 18 years of age to take this course and reside in the U.S., with preference given to California. If there are more candidates than available seats, we may add additional selection criteria.

Is there a guarantee of job placement?
Futuro Health is not a staffing agency. We focus on education and training. Healthcare jobs require an education credential and license to ensure you can provide quality patient care. Start by building your English language skills. Next, you’ll need to get education specific to your healthcare credential and license. Your journey starts here.
How long is this language course?

This course usually takes 3-5 months but some go faster. Improving your English is the beginning of your journey into a good allied health career. After you finish this course, the next step is to apply for education program that can earn you a healthcare credential and license. Those programs can be 6, 12, or 24 months in length depending on which career you want to pursue. These programs can be found at your community college, adult education school or elsewhere.

How is this program being funded? How long will it operate?

Futuro Health received funding to help people learn about and train for allied health careers through a labor agreement between Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-UHW in 2020. Our funding goes through 2024.

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